The Harbroe area

The Harbroe area

What we did on our holidays

How the west was won

All sorts of other things you don't want to know

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The menu's here, outside the frame. I like being eccentric

Solong, our co-owned narrowboat, at the top of the Marple lock flight in Cheshire.
To the left, 16 damn heavy locks drop from the Peak Forest to the Cheshire Plain, and eventually Manchester. To the right, the Bugsworth Basin and Whalley Bridge arms.

We're in that happy position called retirement. No, it doesn't mean sitting with our feet up all day watching television or looking after the grandchildren. In fact the elder might be expected to come and look after us. No, don't panic, Jack. We wouldn't ask you.


There's an oft repeated saying that retired people never know how they had time to go to work. It's true. Meetings about Seaford, theatre trips, visiting towns, shopping (grrr), giving other people a bit of assistance, following our many interests... We have to use an electronic calendar system just to keep track.

You're very welcome to follow us through the next few pages to see what we get up to. Who knows, we might have something in common, or you might like one of Richard's photos so much you feel like buying it.

We live in Seaford, on England's south coast. Here's a map, and there's good deal more about it HERE.

Where we live

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