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Books are old friends

Yes, we collect them

Yes, we read them

Sometimes we sell duplicates

Richard is also an author!

Details and sample pages of the books,

Loft Island and The Suspects,

are available here

We read books

Real books, made of paper and board, not just electronic ones.

Our tastes are varied, eclectic even. For some reason we still enjoy the children's literature both of our youth and more recent times. Richard likes various works of fiction and non-fiction covering a wide variety of topics whilst Judy likes more modern fiction too.


We sell books

Sometimes we realise we have duplicates of good books and need to sell some. Occasionally we find books which we think would be of interest to other collectors in book fairs, charity shops and elsewhere. We offer them for sale through the Advanced Book Exchange, ABE for short, an online market place which, despite its title, is open to everyone and easy to use.

We also sell through Alibris, a similar set-up which also has connections with Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Blackwells and more.

To give you an idea, to the right are links to the two sites. Have a look! Who knows? You might find just the book you've been looking for all these years!




Our ABE books website