The Harbroe area

Seaford and area


The home turf

Peace, tranquility and er...

There's lots here, honest

The stamping ground

Let's get two things straight: yes, those are the Seven Sisters nearly as you see them on your Windows computer desktop and if you click on the picture you can discover their names; and secondly, we don't live on them. They're just close by, in walking distance.

The town, just to the west of Cuckmere Haven... ok, it's halfway between Eastbourne and Brighton. Better? The town is quite small, a little ragged round the edges, but because of the unplanned nature of its centre has developed a charm of its own. Travelling through on the A259 it's almost impossible to judge. Spend a few days walking round, and its character grows on you.

Above all, people are friendly, appreciate their town and are quite vociferous about its future.

Nearby are the unspoilt Bishopstone village, the unspoilt Alfriston, the rather attractive Denton and South Heighton; and Newhaven.

Alongside are a few photos around the town. You might get an idea of the place.

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Some time back I inflicted a video on friends and others, a tongue-in-cheek rationale of our moving (back) to Seaford. It got some nice comments, so I threatened another. The first is here - well, to the right, and the second will be when I finish it.